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10 Best Virtual Zoom Backgrounds for free and how to change Zoom Background?

people are discussing in a zoom meeting with a different backgrounds
Give more professional look and present with more confidence.

The current changing conditions are making people set foot into the realm of virtual video conferencing. The new working style is giving the flexibility for employees to work from any corner of the world. A variety of platforms like Zoom are helping the teams to stay connected even in these challenging times. Zoom, a perfect venue for your video meetings, gives you a plethora of options to make it look professional. You can set images or videos as your background during your meet. The possibility of background settings can enhance the personality and create a positive impact. You can happily participate in the meets from your comfortable place, and there is no need to find a perfect place for your video conferencing calls and online classes. Sometimes, it is hard for you to select a suitable background and set it based on the meeting agenda before the meeting.  

If you primarily use Zoom for business purposes, finding the ideal location for video meetings can be difficult. Clutter, a lack of natural light, and other factors can all distract from your overall look. 

You can avoid showing your messy room and replace it with a professional office, pleasant scenery, lush green or gleaming furniture backgrounds. You can get a new feel out of every video chat with your coworkers. Setting a Zoom background image can reduce distraction during your calls.  

Even if you work from home and have a fairly private environment, you might want to switch up your background. The background you choose might reveal a lot about your personality and overall approach, depending on who you’re speaking with. 

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Here we are to help you learn how to set an ideal stage for your next Zoom meeting.  

How to set your favorite Zoom background images for video conferencing calls?

1. Professional Zoom Background with a View

With a professional background, you can convey more than just presenyour pitch. You can look more organized.

  1. On your Mac or Windows computer, install the Zoom Desktop client.
  2. Log into your Zoom account by opening the app and logging in.
  3. To get to Settings, click the gear symbol in the top right corner.
  4. Select Virtual Background from the left menu. 
  5. Click the + icon to upload your photo or choose one of Zoom’s default backdrop photos. 
  6. To modify or turn off your Zoom background, click the ^ arrow next to Stop Video and then Choose Virtual Background during a Zoom conference. 

You can utilize Zoom’s backgrounds or create your own by uploading a high-resolution image or video from royalty-free image sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. When you download any of the Zoom office backgrounds, you can pay the photographers if you’re able. If you want to add a Zoom office background to your next video conference call, here are some of the best options to make it easy for you to choose

Click here to download the image – Download 

2. The Conference Room Zoom Background

Maybe it is the home you are working from; you wish to change your mood and give an office look to the meetings.

Click here to download the image – Download 

3. Bookshelf Zoom Background

You are a voracious reader but very bad at keeping your collection organized; then you can show the reader with the Bookshelf background.

Click here to download the image – Download 

4. Beach Zoom Background

Show your favorite holiday destination with the Beach background. You might have missed being on the shores of the sea, but here you can project the cool look.

Click here to download the image – Download 

5. Nature Zoom Background

Who doesn’t love nature? The surprises embedded in it inspire you to present with more energy and radiate positivity to the participants.

Click here to download the image – Download 

6. Desert Dunes Zoom Background

The plain desert with the clear blue sky contrasts you in the desktop screen and avoids the maximum distraction. You can ideally reach with your voice and emotions to the audience. 

Click here to download the image – Download 

7. Hill Station Zoom Background

The hot summers always demand you to visit the hill station. The incredible snow-filled mountain range in the background and brought calmness to the meeting you’re holding. 

mountain background images

Click here to download the image – Download 

8. Space Zoom Background

Reaching beyond the limits and flying high all are possible with the virtual space background. Feel the next level of energy and present with more confidence keeping the cosmos behind you. 

Click here to download the image – Download

9. Bed Room Zoom Background

Feel like you are in your place. The bedroom background works the best for showing off that you are working from your home. The neat background can give you a choice to project a clear look of yourself. 

bedroom images

Click here to download the image – Download 

10. Sky Zoom Background

The sky zoom background in your zoom call displays your clutter-free mind and gives more focus and detailing to your presentation.

Sky Images

Click here to download the image – Download 

Final Word

For a variety of reasons, the concept of imaginative Zoom backdrops is appealing. For many, it’s a quick and easy way to cover their unkempt abode. Changing their background is a fun way for others to spice up their job. Why pitch to a customer with a coworker in front of a boring white wall when you may do it in front of outer space? 

While these reasons should be enough to persuade users to change their Zoom background, it’s also crucial to examine how design affects your interactions and overall image. It’s critical to engage your audience, just as it is when organizing a webinar–design plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your plan. 

Zoom backgrounds work well in a variety of circumstances. When all you require is a green screen, why go through all the trouble of creating the perfect backdrop? Simply download the free wallpapers you want others to see after that. Changing backgrounds is simple and free. Switching is simple once you’ve set up your Zoom settings. Between meetings, you can swiftly switch between casual and professional attire. 

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