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The Best Video Conferencing Solution for Coworking Spaces

We live in times of digitisation where cutting-edge technology transforms how we live and interact. The way people conduct business is changing in this modern age. Physical contacts give way to digital interactions, and innovative office space utilisation is rising. 

You’ve arrived at the world of video conferencing and coworking spaces. 

With the help of digital spaces, we have entered a new era in how we connect and conduct business. Business is becoming smarter by maximising efficiency and productivity by conserving and sharing resources. 

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. 

Our world is evolving, and new and improved techniques are being implemented. However, one of the most important business objectives has remained constant: cost reduction and profit maximisation. The “Coworking space” is a modern approach to cutting costs. 

So, what is a coworking space, exactly?

It’s essentially an office space that isn’t affiliated with anyone’s company. Instead, it rents out workstations and completes sections of the space on a contractual basis to individuals who want to utilise it. 

These areas frequently have all of the necessities of a modern workplace, including shared break rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a receptionist, and all necessary technology.  

The coworking space’s fresh approach to work, on the other hand, is one of its main selling features. These are spaces designed to provide a productive and collaborative experience for the many groups of individuals who utilise them, without the corporate confines of what an office “should be.” 

Who can use Coworking Space?

Freelancers and start-ups were among the early users of coworking spaces. The energy of smaller start-ups and freelancers harmonised perfectly with that of the coworking space, making this an excellent match. Fresh, energised, and focused on achieving our goals. 

Following the popularity of these venues, major corporations have begun to embrace the new “Office life” style. The immediate benefits of eliminating rent costs and the long-term planning necessary to establish your own office space are obvious. The numerous other advantages of working in a shared area, on the other hand, definitely stand out. 

Many say they are very happy at work now that they are not subjected to the office politics that come with corporate headquarters. Half of the people you see throughout the day may not work for your organisation and may even be in another field. This eliminates any competitive attitudes among coworkers and can provide new perspectives for you to bounce ideas off. 

 The Harvard Business Review conducted a study on the effectiveness of coworking spaces, highlighting some of the many advantages coworking spaces have among individuals who utilise them. For example: 

  1. Users consider their job to be important at Coworking spaces. 
  2. They have more control over their jobs. 
  3. They have a sense of belonging. 
Video Conferencing in coworking space

Video conferencing is a path-breaking technology that has long been a fixture in the modern business world. Two systems on opposite sides of the world can build a powerful, secure, and high-definition connection via the internet. Long business trips were no longer necessary to negotiate or sign transactions because they could now be done at a fraction of the expense and time remotely. 

Pre-covid, video conferencing had become much more prevalent in the office, but since the initial shutdowns, the routine use of such tools has increased tremendously. Many organisations and employees began to recognise the full potential of video conferencing at this time. 

Dedicated meeting space in the coworking office

When we combine these two new ways of working under one roof, things get intriguing. Individuals can work in the setting of their choice, thanks to a dedicated video conferencing place within a coworking office. Having all the essential tech tools to conduct meetings remotely from a professional setting is also a must. 

They may have one or more specialised video conferencing rooms, depending on the size of the coworking space. 

The coworking office is after that offered to people who have booked a desk or a full space as needed. For organisations that would otherwise have had to invest in high-tech solutions, this system of booking space as needed is proving to be a much more cost-effective and efficient alternative. 

The top features of coworking spaces to maximise productivity

  • Designated workspace for all individuals. 
  • Access to office materials. 
  • Dedicated meeting rooms and event spaces. 
  • A private place for phoning. 
  • Availability of coffee, tea, and snacks. 
  • Frequent community networking events. 
  • The benefits must outweigh the cost. 
The top coworking spaces would offer all the above-said features to their users. Here are the top 10 coworking spaces globally. 

Why is it necessary to have a designated Meeting Space in a coworking space?

To obtain complete silence, a person or a group may need to rent a separate room. This could be a huge conference room or a small meeting room. Having a dedicated videoconferencing setup might make a difference and distinguish your coworking space. Today, many coworking spaces require a proper booking system, audio, and sound, among other things. 

Key factors to consider while selecting a video conferencing solution in a coworking space

A coworking space is quite different from a corporate office. Different companies need to coexist in coworking spaces. The majority of which fall into small and medium enterprises. These enterprises cannot stick to one video conferencing software. Each company has its preferred platform, so the coworking spaces need something unique to cater to all the companies in the space.  

  1. Superior Audio and Video Quality 
  2. Ability to share content from own devices and collaborate 
  3. Brainstorming and creativity tools 
  4. Flexibility with Video conferencing software 
  5. Plug and Play

The best video conferencing solution for coworking spaces

Bird Hub is such a device with a Super HD camera and four noise-cancelling beam forming microphone arrays to capture seamless, high-quality video and audio. But the speciality of Bird Hub lies with its powerful processor that can run a meeting without the need of a dedicated PC/Laptop. Most of the video conferencing solutions available are locked to one platform. Bird Hub allows you to launch meetings on any VC application like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc. With the 3D touch sensing camera, Bird Hub converts any display unit into a touch screen interface, allowing the participants to write, annotate and brainstorm interactively. The ambient meeting technology allows users to simply scan a QR code and join meeting in few seconds. 

Bird AI - convert any display into a video conferencing hub in a minutes for any meeting rooms
Finally, a few words on video conferencing and coworking spaces

Video conferencing and coworking facilities are becoming more popular, and they don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. The Covid 19 epidemic has changed the way we work, demonstrating to many people that working in an office is no longer the sole option. 

We expect this tendency to continue to develop in future years, given the flexibility that video conferencing provides and the rise of coworking spaces in cities worldwide. 

Do you want to have video conferencing in your coworking space? Think about Bird Hub.

While video conferencing’s future in technology will continue to grow, it’s an essential tool for coworking spaces to master. As a result, it’s critical to pick the correct setup for your room. 

Chat with us today to better understand your video conferencing requirements and, ultimately, so we can help you succeed! 


Create more sophisticated Meeting Rooms in the Coworking Spaces with Bird Hub

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