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How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room – Explained in Simple Steps

Zoom meeting using Bird Hub

Zoom developed so swiftly that the company’s name became synonymous with video conferencing. The videoconferencing software firm, Zoom, had a moment during the pandemic. People have used the service to keep communication on in the enterprises. People keep using Zoom because it’s simple to use and free. In this short read, we shall see how to set up Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms.

What is a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom allows users to meet online via video chats or voice only. Zoom conferences are divided into two types: Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms. A Zoom Meeting is a Zoom-hosted virtual video meeting. Attendees use a camera or the cam on their smartphone to participate. By signing up for Zoom Free, anyone can host a Zoom Meeting for free.

What is a Zoom Room?

A Zoom Room is a software and technology combination that transforms your meeting room into a virtual conference room with high-definition audio and video. You may invite remote participants to attend your in-person conference from any location with internet access using Zoom Room. Zoom Room allows you to hold audio or video conferences and use wireless screen sharing so that everyone can participate in any part of the meeting.

Difference between Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings

Zoom Room

When you think of conference rooms, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the dangling cables and wires that run across the space. However, with Zoom Room,everything is wireless, and you can easily arrange meetings by integrating it with your calendar. With Zoom Rooms, you can customise the room to match your needs, and joining a meeting is as simple as clicking a button. For your online meetings, it provides high-quality audio and video web conferencing functions.

Zoom Meeting

Setting up a Zoom Meeting is straightforward; all you have to do is create a Zoom account, either for a fee or for free, and sign up for a free or paid membership. It can hold video conference calls and meetings. The conference host has complete control over the meeting because he can set up a meeting with or without video.

How to Setup a Zoom Room?

Setting up a Zoom Room is not a complicated task. Look at the following requirements, and it makes it simple for you.

Hardware requirements

  • Camera in the conference room
  • A speaker for the conference room
  • Use a microphone
  • Meetings are run on a computer (with a keyboard for initial setup)
  • A large display (and any HDMI-enabled TV will suffice)
  • Controller with a touch screen (iPad)

Software requirements

  •  The “Zoom Rooms for Conference Room” should be downloaded and installed from the Zoom downloads site on your in-room PC.
  • Get the Zoom Room Controller app on your iPad.
  • Then, to finish your setup, follow the directions in the Zoom Rooms software.
How to Setup a Zoom Meeting?

It’s simple and quick to set up a Zoom Meeting. It’s simple to schedule a meeting with Zoom; all you have to do is sign up for an account, or open your Zoom client and submit the required meeting parameters, which may include timing, audio and video settings, duration, and a meeting name.

How to set up a Zoom meeting on the desktop app?

Here are some basic instructions for scheduling your first meeting in Zoom.

Step 1; Open the Zoom desktop app (Click Here to Download Zoom App) on your computer and sign in

Step 2; On the “Home” tab, click the “Schedule” tile. Alternatively, you can schedule a new meeting by clicking the small plus “+” sign icon on the top-left side of the “Meetings” tab.

Step 3; This will open a pop-up that looks similar to the online form. Enter the meeting name, date, and time. Choose your Video, Calendar, and Security settings. In the “Advanced Options” section, you can choose additional settings, like “Mute participants upon entry.”

Step 4; Click the blue “Save” button when you’re done. Your scheduled meetings will now appear on the right side of the “Home” tab. You can also view your scheduled meetings in the “Meetings” tab of the app.

An intelligent and all-in-one solution for your Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings

Bird AI has revolutionised meeting technology and created Bird Hub, a one-of-a-kind solution. It is the simplest meeting room technology. Bird Hub improves the Zoom meeting and zoom room experience for in-room and remote teams by providing them with crystal clear communication and interactive collaboration capabilities. It features a powerful hexacore ARM CPU for running meetings without needing an additional laptop or PC, a super HD camera with a 110° ultra-wide-angle FOV and noise-cancelling 4 MEMS microphone array. Bird Hub converts any normal display unit like your TV into a touch sensitive device so you no longer need a separate touch pad controller to get the convenience of starting the meeting intuitively. The built-in online whiteboard suite allows the hybrid team members to contribute their ideas on the same canvas from anywhere.


Create an interactive and engaging meeting experience for hybrid teams with Bird Hub

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