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How IT Teams can handle return of employees to office

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Businesses are gradually reintroducing employees to the actual workplace. Many employees around the world are anticipating a return to regular work. Employees may find it difficult to return to work. On the other hand, employers may and should assist their employees in overcoming this problem. The best video conference technology can mitigate the issues of connectivity and productivity that arise post-pandemic. 

Companies will usually establish instructions during this transition that encourage employees to avoid interaction with one other (as well as customers, partners, and vendors) if at all possible. Before 2020, a heavily co-located workforce will most likely morph into a continually shifting mix of in-office and remote workers. 

This is an unprecedented situation that will place new demands on IT personnel. IT will need to become even more agile and responsive to accommodate quickly changing collaboration needs. They’ll have to react fast to situations out of their control, which may vary from day to day. 

While IT staff become more competent at working remotely, employees who rely on technology (both employer-provided and personal) to complete their jobs are likely to have more questions. IT executives should become proactive about technology deployment and training to enable a mix of remote and office workers to stay ahead of the curve. 

Reimagining the workplace with flexible work arrangements

Companies are chosen between three basic alternatives for returning to work after the pandemic: calling everyone back to the office, adopting a hybrid model, or providing more totally remote opportunities. Companies will need to preserve flexibility in redefining the future of work as the threats posed by COVID-19 continue to evolve. 

While maintaining business continuity remains a top priority for IT, achieving that aim will require significantly more assistance for a distributed workforce. And the capacity to stay linked to systems, applications, and, most importantly, each other is critical for the remote workforce. Collaboration is becoming a must-have ingredient to increase productivity. Video Conferencing solutions integrated with the collaboration tools are stealing the spotlight among the thoughts of IT teams. 

Furthermore, video conferencing is quickly becoming the standard means for individuals to communicate when they are not in the same room, and it is here to stay. The video footprint will undoubtedly continue to expand. Employees become increasingly accustomed to utilizing it, and businesses notice the cost reductions. 

IT leaders can make efforts to guarantee they’re ready by knowing what’s coming. Video room solutions must be prioritized. Previously, conference rooms were utilized mainly for in-person meetings, with video conferencing employed on rare occasions. 

Top priority for Digital workspace

◉ Clear Communication

Some businesses have already given their employees the option of working from home. On the other hand, many organizations are scrambling to modify their workforces in response. With new information regarding Covid-19 becoming accessible daily, it’s critical to keep employees informed about the safety measures taken to ensure the business is functioning efficiently. 

For those who opt for a hybrid strategy, video conferencing technology will be critical to their success. CIOs will be called upon to deliver the digital tools that will allow employees to communicate with each other and with customers seamlessly across various environments. Employers can focus on exploring the advantages of video conferencing to the fullest for clear communication. 

◉ Collaboration

As organizations figure out new methods to operate their operations and interact more effectively, collaboration tools will continue to be a critical differentiator. This abrupt shift to full-time remote digital work allows you to speed the transition to a digitally enabled environment and a digital workplace. 

Collaboration can profoundly influence the success of hybrid workspaces. Organizations can use enhanced collaboration software to provide faster, more intelligent, and efficient working methods. Collaboration can significantly impact a company’s productivity levels in hybrid working methods. With the best video conferencing system merged with collaborative tools at their disposal, businesses can be open to high-quality personnel and hire from worldwide. 

◉ Video Conferencing

Due to spread-out participants in the video meetings after the pandemic, you need to deploy the best video conferencing option for interacting with remote workers, clients, and employees. The video conferencing system has advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that would frame the participants and allow the employees to convey a clear sense of the statements. Bird AI devices meet all of the requirements for use in hybrid workspaces.  

Many firms are increasingly investing in huddle rooms and video-enabled multi-purpose breakout spaces to increase the quality of video meetings. Bird Hub is a unique device with an advanced super HD camera with a wide-angle FOV of 110° and four noise-cancelling beamforming MEMS microphone array. The superior combination of camera and mics deliver an outstanding video conferencing experience. It has low light image enhancement capability. You can have a lag-free video call with the built-in powerful hexacore ARM processor in the device. Bird Hub is a futuristic device, and it executes the calling without connecting any external computer; all you need is a display device like a TV/monitor. Finally, Bird Hub is the device that doesn’t lock you to a single video conferencing platform.

◉ Utilizing all the available space with redesigning

Every room in the office, no matter how small, should be equipped with a video camera. Video will increasingly be used for private, one-on-one discussions. Given the high volume of video meetings, IT will need to automate and consolidate the management of conference rooms and all of the technology included within them. 

A hybrid huddle room, also known as a hybrid meeting room, is a small, enclosed meeting area that allows in-person and remote work to coexist in a hybrid arrangement. Hybrid huddle rooms, for example, can be used to connect on-site employees with remote teammates for regular meetings, last-minute brainstorming sessions, or even full-fledged collaboration sessions. 

When correctly built and equipped with the right technology, Hybrid huddle rooms can be game-changers for companies trying to develop long-term support systems for their hybrid and flexible staff. Regardless of the size of your workforce or how frequently your workers work on-site as part of their new flexible schedules, investing in the remodeling and rewiring of your huddle rooms to better support the return to work will benefit your organization. Bird Bar can be your absolute choice to make huddle rooms fully equipped. 

◉ Realigning the Budget options

IT should plan to boost spending in other areas and acquire new video conferencing solutions. More employees will, for example, request purpose-built webcams and headsets for times when they work remotely. People managed with what they had during a short lockdown. They will, however, require technology developed expressly for cooperation and communication in a long-term remote-working setting. 

IT may also need to budget for speedier laptop and other device renewal cycles. The video puts more strain on a computer’s processing resources, and older laptops may struggle to keep up during video conferences. 

Nearly half of CEOs expect to boost their long-term investment in digital transformation by 10% or more in the future. This includes videoconferencing technology solutions that enable increased degrees of remote working, such as productivity analytics and collaboration suites like Bird AI devices that bridge the gap between those who work in the office and those who work from home. 

When approaching budget conversations, consider these new needs and budget requirements, in the same manner you consider IT security. Because the upfront expenses of technology like anti-malware and endpoint protection are small compared to the implications of a security


Similarly, the return on investment is straightforward to justify if you can prevent situations where employees are unproductive due to a lack of good communication. Video is the preferred technology for efficient collaboration in today’s workplace (and the workplace of the future). 

As some employees consider returning to the office while others continue to work from home, IT directors must prepare for a flexible work environment where video conferencing system will only be an option. Investing today will pay off in the long run. Contact us to make your process easy with the best video conference technology. 

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