Bird AI

BirdHub is an all-in-one wireless interactive video collaboration solution with built-in compute. Transforms an existing meeting room screen into an all-in-one collaboration hub with digital white-boarding, immersive video conferencing and wirefree presentation capabilities without spending a fortune.

Bird Bar Camera

A perfect AI-based wireless video collaboration system with built-in compute that elliminates the need of a dedicated PC from meeting rooms. 

It facilitates immersive video conferencing and wireless screen presentation using the same device.


BirdDesk is a compact visual collaborative device for desk use. It turns any normal monitor into an interactive audio-video touchscreen display suitable for real-time sharing, annotating, and ideating processes. It captures lucid images and crystal-clear audio and delivers a top-notch video conferencing experience.


Robin 4K camera

Robin is an Enterprise-grade 4K AI web camera for professional video meetings. The on-chip AI processing on the camera enhances the image quality so that the participants look good despite of the low lighting conditions.


The Doodle is a 4K whiteboard capture camera with ultra-wide optics and AI ink technology that makes it easy to clearly capture, share and save the whiteboard content seamlessly during meetings, lectures and streaming sessions.


Bird Canvas

BirdCanvas is a visually stunning, ultrabright 4K interactive flat panel display merged with high performance computing and far-field Audio and Video capabilities that delivers a great team conferencing and collaboration experience.


BrightClass Integrated Teaching System (ITS)

BrightClass ITS is an interactive flat panel designed to meet the Gen Z classroom requirements. It is loaded with feature-filled software complementing the hardware, that can support all modes of learning.

Galileo One

Galileo One is a one device solution for modern classrooms. It converts any surface into an interactive teaching whiteboard with realtime writing experience via the renowned EyeRIS technology.


ClassLink camera is a great upgrade to any classroom to add hybrid support, as well as for any teacher who wants to create engaging lectures and move online via YouTube or other course-selling applications.


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